Our training seminars focus on interactive skill improvement leading to greater success in areas including entrepreneurship, persuasion and communication, leadership and 21st Century Legal Skills. We provide customized solutions geared to different experience levels, different lawyer interests and different formats. We can provide education and skill development training in a 1.5 hour lunch seminar, 2-4 hour modules, or an all-day training.


As an experienced speaker, Bob Cullen can deliver an insightful and entertaining keynote speech to your firm or organization. Focusing on such critical areas as the future of the profession, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation for lawyers. Bob will help your organization excel in developing leading lawyers. He also has a very specialized topic for motivating lawyers and avoiding burn out (now who has that problem?) – Success, Significance and Satisfaction for Lawyers.


We can provide individual or team coaching. Having taught for 18 years, Bob has great experience in delivering programs for young, as well as mid-level lawyers in learning the skills necessary to succeed in today’s marketplace, beyond traditional legal skills. Individual coaching is also available so as to assist any level of lawyer in order for them to harness their maximum potential.


Bob is an excellent facilitator for firm, department or executive retreats as well as strategic planning sessions. He has been a managing partner of a law firm and has experience on the executive committee, as a GC, of a large corporation.

Essential Skills

Leadership for Lawyers: The Most Successful Lawyers are Leaders

Leadership is an essential element to a thriving career in any setting; this is especially true in law. Vision, teamwork and innovative law services characterize the new normal. Learn about the leadership skills that are necessary to compete in the 21st century through a seminar or speaking engagement. In this module, participants learn about leadership models, developing and leading teams and high level organizational and motivation skills.  Bob Cullen has been teaching leadership to lawyers for 10 years and has a deep understanding of the benefits and winning skills that characterize Leading Lawyers.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Essential Tools for Legal Success

The world, national and local economies have become flat (Thomas Friedman) and only the most innovative businesses will survive. Clients and customers want services that are better, faster, cheaper. For law firms, in house legal departments and government lawyers, this means a commitment to world class substantive legal work, processes and a drive to continuously improve the customer experience. Individual lawyers and law organization of every type must rely upon change management as well as creative, innovative thinking and actions. Learn how to put these new entrepreneurial models in place. 

Success, Significance and Satisfaction for Lawyers: Maintaining your Motivation

There is a secret to maintaining a fulfilling, meaningful and sustainable legal career. One must focus on Success and Significance and Satisfaction!! I hate to tell you, focusing on success (getting that new client, becoming a General Counsel or heading up the legal division of a major governmental agency, making partner, winning the next case or making the next deal,) is not enough. This seminar and speech is for every lawyer.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Critical for Corporate and Law Firm Lawyers

In today’s complex and volatile business environment, individuals, corporations and organizations win or lose by creating value, products and services where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; this can only be done through teamwork and collaboration. Great leaders, managers and lawyers know how to put people together, define roles and responsibilities in order to motivate and succeed. Collaboration and team skills can be learned and should be honed and executed properly in order to produce exceptional results. The research is clear—the most successful professionals are the best team builders.

Negotiation: New Skills and Models

Lawyers often believe that they have learned all the negotiation and persuasion techniques available- and many have. In teaching in  teaching negotiation and persuasion for 15 years and we often find many adhering to old ideas. Research has shown new ways to communicate and influence. There are a host of models, skills and communication patterns that can be used to be more persuasive and effective. Differences stemming from diversity, background, even emotions and values contribute to the need to hone new negotiation and persuasion techniques. The ability to effectively work through and resolve conflict, while often times maintaining relationships, distinguishes a high-performing executive or attorney from one that falters or fails to perform.

Communication and Persuasion: Forget Advocacy

The research and science on communication and persuasion leads us to the proposition that advocacy might work in court or perhaps with another lawyer, but in general, it is one of the least persuasive forms of communication. Bob Cullen’s talks and seminars are research based and show how the most effective communicators use multiple forms of communication—including logic, emotional appeals, inspiration, relationship building as well as Robert Caldini’s social research on the Six Principles of Influence.

Networking and Social Media: The Indispensable Skills for the 21st Century

Lawyers have known that building a strong network is an essential element to new business, new referrals, and new clients. Building relationships and exchanging resources, often on line, provide additional benefits to attorneys. This is also beneficial to government and in house lawyer by building credibility inside the organization. It is important to be a subject matter expert; it is equally important to be a source of value and resources. Building an online network and developing a platform of influence is critical for success now and in the future. The models are out there: personal interactions along with social on line communication and connections are essential. Learn how to build value and credibility in your organization and in your business/legal community through social platform building and networking. Unfortunately, in this day and age, this cannot be ignored (and many of us want to).

The Lawyer as a Manager: Team & Project Management, Feedback & Change

Lawyers, as their career progresses, play an ongoing role as a team manager. We must learn how to manage our own work and others as well. To work effectively, the best lawyers pay attention to work styles, motivation, team dynamics and strengthening work relationships.  We often need to coach others, both give and receive feedback and move a team or practice group toward change. This module focuses on skills that were not taught in law school yet are essential to the management of a successful law practice.

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“The Leading Lawyer, a Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership”  – Robert Cullen