The Importance of 21st Century Skills


Law schools, law firms, corporate legal departments, government and nonprofit legal service providers are all moving forward with new and innovative educational and training programs. Why? Legal knowledge and traditional skills are not enough. To gain a competitive advantage, legal organizations will train their lawyers on the skills necessary to compete in the 21st Century. Those skills include entrepreneurship, innovative and creative thinking, leadership, collaboration and team building skills. The challenge: think like a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a leader and a customer service expert.


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Essential Skills

21st Century lawyers need to increase their innovative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

The Leading Lawyer

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Lawyers Can Innovate with Design Thinking

In a legal setting, Design Thinking can be used by the lawyer to match his or her client’s needs to what is legally and practically achievable in order to create a successful business or problem-solving…

The Right Brain Revolution: Are 21st Century Lawyers Equipped to Succeed?

In the 21st century, success comes by following your Mom’s old adage: “Use your brain”-meaning your whole brain. One needs to succeed by thinking with the left and the right side of one’s brain…

Anyone Can Learn to Be Creative

Too often in our culture people who make great, creative contributions are portrayed as having simply been born with special talents, says Stanford Professor Carol  Dweck. But the